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Sugar Magnolia Work Day – September 24, 2011

BMA is organizing a day of trail building and restoration for September 24th to finish the recent re-route on the popular Sugar Magnolia Trail. They have reached out to NATO for volunteers.

This day is a great opportunity to learn how to build important bike specific attributes of the trail. The work will be strenuous but rewarding! Work will include building rock mono wall to support the trail, bench cutting trail, adding rock pinch points, cleaning up backslope and most importantly restoring the damaged areas created by recent forestry work & the creation of the new section of trail.

The Trails Team needs 15-20 volunteers with the will to work hard and see their efforts pay off. Please sign up in advance so we can accurately plan our needs for the day.

2011/09/24 – 8:00am – 3:00pm
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