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Snowy trail

No “Snow-arounds”

Hi trail junkies!

It’s that time of year where the trails are starting to peek out from underneath the drifts that have formed over the winter (or “winters” as we seem to be experiencing this season).

As we start to get back out there on the trails, puddles and drifts can be in the way of our chosen (and established) pathway.

The temptation to go around these obstacles is always there but resist it!

Go-arounds only widen trails and create other problems that can be hard to fix.

Resist the temptation to walk or ride around obstacles and please, stay on the trail. Yes, you might get a little soggy, but your socks can always be swapped out when you get back home. Widened trails are a challenge to fix.

If you see a section of trail that is particularly sloppy, with standing water or deep puddles to navigate, feel free to report it to us using our maintenance reporting tool.

Keep Nederland’s singletrack skinny.

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