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Snowy trail

No “Snow-arounds”

Hi trail junkies! It's that time of year where the trails are starting to peek out from underneath the drifts that have formed over the winter (or "winters" as we seem to be experiencing this season). As we start to…

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Snow packing for trail use - NATO

Winter Trail Packing Report

Were you able to check out the winter trail packing on West Mag this season? We finally got enough snow to get the Snow Dog out for some late-season trail packing on West Mag. Designed for classic skiing, hiking, and…

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Singletrack Wars

Outside Magazine recently published an enlightening article about Colorado's Singletrack War currently taking place here in the Nederland area. We face a variety of challenges in our community – not limited to the philosophy of how our trail system should…

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Fresh Nordic Trail Grooming on West Mag

Nordic Grooming on West Mag

At long last, a multi-agency collaboration has come together to provide groomed Nordic trails on West Mag. NATO worked with the Boulder Nordic Club and the U.S. Forest Service (Boulder Ranger District) and other local agencies to plan and deliver…

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TEENS, Inc. and NATO building trails

Trail building in the News

Stefani from TEENS, Inc. wrote this kickass article detailing our collaboration on some of Nederland's famous trails. She details some of the techniques used to help create sustainable, long-lasting trail systems that can be appreciated by all types of users.…

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