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We need to have a talk about poop

Poo FairiesWe get it. Walking your dogs is fun. Their poop is gross.

That being said, we need to have a talk about poo.

It may seem like the forest is a big place, and there are a bunch of other animals roaming around out there so what’s the big deal if you allow your dog to do their business wherever they choose? It’s natural, right? Well… no.

For a number of reasons, just leaving your dog’s poo out there to decompose is NOT a good idea.

First, it’s gross. And poo gets on shoes which gets in cars and houses and sits next to you when you are trying to have a post-hike beverage at your local pub and nobody wants to smell that action.

Second, dog poo carries a number of pathogens and organisms that are bad for you, other pets, and wildlife. Stormwater actually can carry these into water systems which can affect fish and groundwater and all sorts of other creatures who deserve to maybe not be swimming around in a toxic waste dump.

Third, as populations in the Nederland area continue to grow, we are seeing more and more people – and their pets – enjoying the trails. That means it’s not just you and your dog up here anymore and we all need to be good citizens to take care of our precious lands.

And PLEASE don’t just bag up your dog’s poop and leave it on the trail. Pack it out and dispose of it in a proper waste bin. There are no such things as poo fairies.

For even more reasons to pick up your dog’s poo, check out this article from Petfinder.

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